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Thread Grinding

Thread Grinding

It's a forming method, wherein the operation performed is on a grinding or CNC machine to match the shape of the threads.

Thread Grinding
Thread Rolling

Thread Rolling

A method of producing threads on a mechanical fastener, check its types and advantages

Thread Rolling
Gaskets Vs O Ring

Gaskets Vs O Ring

Both gaskets and O rings are used for sealing. Read more to view the difference between Gasket and O Ring.

Fasteners manufacturers in India



Jignesh Steel is located in Mumbai, India. We house the latest technology used in the production of fasteners. Our facility covers an expanse of 6500 square-foot including our production unit, testing department and our logistics warehouse.

All equipment used by our company is up to date with the latest industry standards. We manufacture fasteners in conformance to several Indian and International standards such as the DIN, ISO, BS, ANSI and ASTM.

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Fasteners are devices that mechanically affixes two or more pipes together. We are one of the top fasteners manufacturers in Mumbai. We cover a wide range of pipe fasteners, including the high tensile and mild steel bolts. We are one of the top fastener companies in the world whose products are used in different industries. We manufacture fasteners with different shapes, sizes, designs, etc., and are made according to the client's requirements. If you go through the list of fasteners manufacturers in India, our company will come at the top as we provide:

  • Easy installation for your convenience.
  • All our fasteners are corrosion-resistant.
  • Our products come with a good finish.
  • They are very durable and can last for many years.
  • They have a good clasping facility, etc.

We are expert fasteners manufacturers in Maharashtra who have a wide stock of different types of fasteners for your usage. There are permanent fasteners like rivets, nails, etc., and there are non-permanent fasteners like bolts and screws, which are designed to allow easy removal and re-use.

We are among the best fasteners manufacturers in Maharashtra who use high-quality materials for manufacturing the piping fasteners. Some of the common materials we use are:

As expert fasteners manufacturers in Pune, we offer different coatings on our fasteners like black, white, chrome plated, brass plated, nickel-plated, pewter finish, gold finish, etc. We are at one of the top spots in the list of fasteners companies in India as we do not compromise with the quality of the products, offer hassle-free delivery, and all our products are available at a reasonable price. The pipe fasteners we manufacture are ideal for optimizing your product functions.

Anchor fasteners comprise screws, screw assemblies, and weld studs with various threads and point designs. These are useful pieces of equipment for light to medium plumbing fixing and applications. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is its easy installation. They also help in maintaining ancillary devices in the piping system. We are one of the experienced anchor fasteners manufacturers in India.

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